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Just for You:




1.  You don't HAVE to have your dress altered from where you purchased it.   The tactics at the bridal store are: "Well, we won't be responsible if someone else "Ruins" your dress!"  An experienced alterations specialist won't ruin your dress. In fact, they usually have more experience than the "store" seamstresses. 



2.  Always get the cost of your alterations in writing. Recently, some stores are quoting a lower price for alterations, only to charge a substantially higher amount at pick up; claiming additional work was necessary. The store should always call you for approval of any changes, after all it's your dress. 



3.  Remember - most if not all - wedding gowns have at least a 2-4" seam allowance and can be let out. Alas, this is NOT true for Bridesmaids dresses.  



4.  At Bridal Alterations Pittsburgh, you will ALWAYS get the cost of your alterations in writing, before any work is done. Payment in full is due at the first fitting, so no surprises.



5.  Veils in the bridal shops are expensive. We can custom design your veil and belt, bling your shoes, and add or remove the train. We can change any "Designer" add ons that other stores won't do.



6.  Bridal Alterations Pittsburgh will make any custom changes, usually at a fraction of the cost, for example:


You want a sweetheart neckline but your dress doesn't have one?  We can do that and more!

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