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We have a Problem

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No picture this time.  Recently, we altered  a wedding party, a  bride and 3 Bridesmaids dresses.   While they were really beautiful maids dresses, the style was not appropriate for one of the girls.  "Betty's" dress didn't fit well at all.  The dress style was strapless, with a small bodice, high waist design.  There was simply not enough room in the bodice for Bettys Double F cup self.  We suggested she buy a long line well fitting bra so we had something to keep it up with (the bride said NO to straps).  She did get the bra, but it was white, the dress was Navy Blue. Sewing the bra into a dress is something we do for larger busted girls and it works 98% of the time.


We did three fittings for Betty trying all the while to contain the "girls" and make sure the bra did not show.  The last fitting proved to be a success, but the wedding day was not as happy for Betty.  Again, her bra peeked out from the front of the dress and she was very unhappy with us.


The lesson here is for brides - please always make sure that the style of the dress flatters everyone in the party.  This is sometimes very difficult so we always recommend that if at all possible, pick one color and have the maids choose their own style.


Betty's style should have been something that had shoulders (the better to contain the girls) with a deep V neck to show off beautiful cleavage.  While we apologized to Betty and refunded her monies, sometimes a dress style is just wrong.

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